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How an empty bottle to keep drinks hot for a very long time?

Thermo can keep a drink hot for a while long! Why? What is so special in the flask?

The world record is something like 3 months to warm temperature environment, but thats a thermos Special! How does an organization lose or gain heat to the environment? Keep driving conduction convection radiation 3 minimum. maintaining points of contact with the outside to a minimum. That these points of contact isolation. Radiation have convection very minimal surfaces because of light air is sucked out of the bottle two walls see diagram

Vintage Arizonas Glass Bottle Flask Great Color and Collectible Glass Stopper
Vintage Arizonas Glass Bottle Flask Great Color and Collectible Glass Stopper
Paypal   US $22.50

American Bottles and Flasks and Their AncestryAmerican Bottles and Flasks and Their Ancestry
A hefty book 9" x 11 1/2" and a full 2" thick. It contains 779 pages, 16 in full color and numerous in black and white. A section in the back of over 150 pages contains line drawings with full descriptions - all in categories - for easy identification. Further there is a chapter on reproductions....

Bottles, Flasks and Dr. DyottBottles, Flasks and Dr. Dyott

The first book written about the fascinating nineteenth-century figure Thomas W. Dyott, "Bottles, Flasks and Dr. Dyott" settles much of the controversy about this man whose bottles and historical flasks are prized by both collectors and antique lovers. Known primarily for his Figured Flasks, Dr. Dyott has been alternately ridiculed as a fraud and an opportunist and praised as an optimist and a ph...

Early American Bottles and FlasksEarly American Bottles and Flasks
A fantastic book for anyone interested in this subject. This is the revised edition!...